About as


  • have staff who know their customer service standards;
  • only do what we are qualified to do;
  • comply with a “code of practice” if they belong to a trade association;
  • give clear details of repair options and costs if you phone us;
  • agree any work with you and confirm it in writing;
  • give fixed-price, written quotes (including VAT), or written estimates if quotes aren’t possible;
  • explain why any diagnostic work is needed to identify a problem and get your agreement to any follow-on work and costs;
  • get your permission to go ahead if the cost is likely to exceed the estimate;
  • explain why any replacement parts are needed;
  • let you inspect any replaced parts or return them to you;
  • use only new replacements unless you agree otherwise;
  • provide full details of work done on invoices and receipts, including:
    • materials used
    • descriptions of any replacements used, if not new.